Foundations_of_Novell_Networking_Netware 6 3001 (DVD3)

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    Foundations_of_Novell_Networking_Netware 6 3001 (DVD3)
    ISO | 2,98GB
    Novells Self Study training programs are specifically designed for Novell certified professionals who wish to upgrade their certifications to include the latest versions of Novells software. These programs provide interactive, hands on exercises that illustrate the various features of Novells new products as well as in depth technical explanations of how to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot these products in your network environment. Using these programs, you will stay abreast of the constant changes in network technology.Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6 (Course 3001) Self Study Kit provides students with basic knowledge about implementing NetWare 6 and using its management tools. Specifically, students will focus on 7 key learning areas: installing and Using NetWare 6, managing Novell eDirectory, managing printing, managing storage space, managing email and instant messaging services, implementing Internet services and managing security. Students will also use the Digital Airlines scenarios and multiple exercises to practice their skills and reinforce the concepts they learn.


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