Kelby_Online_Training - ACE_Adobe_Certified_Exam_Boot_Camp DVD

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    Kelby_Online_Training - ACE_Adobe_Certified_Exam_Boot_Camp_DVD
    English | ISO | 698MB
    Genre: eLearning​

    Ready to become a Photoshop ACE? This course is the one you've been looking for. We'll break down the main areas you'll need to concentrate on and help you focus on just the things you'll need to know for the exam. Preparation is key here and this course will help get you confident to take and pass the ACE exam.

    Course Lessons
    Introduction (01:52)
    The ACE Q and A Session (06:47)
    All About the Exam Itself (07:33)
    Getting Your Preparation Materials Together (04:58)
    The Photoshop Interface (12:45)
    Painting and Retouching (14:45)
    Creating and Using Layers (11:22)
    Working with Selections (10:25)
    Photoshop and Video (05:43)
    File Properties (10:53)
    Vector Tools (13:02)
    Actions and Automations (12:04)
    Working with Filters (06:00)
    Managing Images with Bridge (10:25)
    Using Camera Raw (10:38)
    Printing (07:25)
    Managing Color (13:41)


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