Textbook of Small Animal Medicine

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    Family doctor)General practitioner)

    Publisher: Saunders Ltd. | ISBN: 0702015822 | edition 1999 | Scan PDF | 823 pages | 159 mb


    Univ. of Cambridge, UK. Text covering diseases of the dog and cat. First 33 chapters are devoted to clinical problems, and the last 18 chapters cover the disease of a specific organ or body system. For students and practitioners.
    Review "John Dunn has brought together an outstanding team of contributors...He aims to provide and accessible reference for veterinary students, general practitioners and veterinary surgrons...His book achieves these aims and is an invaluable addition to the practice library. ...the book is excellent value for money. I recommend John Dunn s book to undergraduates and small animal veterinary surgeons alike." Clare M. Knottenbelt, The Veterinary Record

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