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    المصدر: Traumatic Dental Injuries
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    Publisher: Wiley | 2000 | ISBN 8716121279 | PDF | 64 pages | 32.1 MB
    The scope of the book is to serve as a manual for general practitioners in dental traumatology and present a rational approach to examination, diagnosis and treatment to ensure the greatest chance for optimal healing.
    In Traumatic Dental Injuries - A Manual, we present the highlights of dental traumatology in a format, which will serve as a reference for general practitioners and aid dental students in their studies.
    Each chapter is designed to describe the principles in the diagnosis and treatment of the specific traumatic dental injury, including treatment objectives, treatment parameters and long-term expectations based on existing long-term studies of various trauma entities.
    As no type of dental trauma is 'perfect', a given injury type has been generated electronically by a medical artist in order to enhance similarities and differences between the various injury groups. Periodontal and pulpal healing for the given injuries are based on the recent long-term follow-up studies.
    The consequences of inadequate examination and thereby inaccurate diagnosis can be either overtreatment or neglect of treatment where needed, which can result in serious healing complications and unnecessary expense to the patient and to the dentist.

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