Dentistry Colour Atlas of Oral Diseases in Children and Adolescence

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    Local Diseases/ Dental Defects/ Developmental Anomalies/ Mechanical and Electrical Injuries/ Chemical Burns and Allergies/ Foreign-Body Deposits/ Periodontal Diseases/ Diseases of the Lips/ Diseases of the Tongue/ Non-Odontogenic Cysts/ Odontogenic Cysts/ Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers/ Bacterial Infections/ Viral Infections/ Fungal Infections/ Systemic Diseases/ Genetic Disorders/ Skin Diseases/ Autoimmune Diseases/ Gastrointestinal Diseases/ Hematological Diseases/ Metabolic Diseases/ Bacterial Infections/ Viral Infections/ HIV Infection and AIDS/ Systemic Mycoses/ Tumors/ Benign Tumors/ Fibro-Osseous and Giant-Cell Lesions/ Malignant Neoplasms/

    Product DescriptionChildren and adolescents are affected by a large range of Diseases with oral manifestations that may not be seen in adults, including viral and bacterial infections or swallowing caustic liquids. As with the author's successful Color Atlas of oral Diseases, this new work is lavishly illustrated with high-quality color photographs, providing the reader with an at-a-glance diagnostic guide. Succinct texts in tabular form complement the images to help the reader formulate a differential diagnosis and a treatment plan.

    Product Information Binding: HardcoverSpecs: 338 pages | 3.11 LbsEdition: 1Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers, Incorporated | Publish Date 11/99 | Copyright 2000Format: ATLAS

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