Emergency & Critical Care Trauma, Critical Care and Surgical Emergencies

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    Trauma, Critical Care and Surgical Emergencies By Reuven Rabinovici, Heidi Lee Frankel, Orlando Kirton
    Publisher: Informa Healthcare 2010 | 568 Pages | ISBN: 0849398959 | PDF | 11 MB

    This book provides a comprehensive and contemporary discussion about the three key areas of acute care surgery; trauma, surgical critical care, and surgical emergencies. The 65 chapters are arranged by organ, anatomical site and injury type, and each includes a case study with evidence-based analysis of diagnosis, management, and outcomes. Unless stated otherwise, the authors used the GRADE evidence classification system established the American College of Chest Physicians.
    Trauma, Critical Care and Surgical Emergencies is essential reading for all surgeons, fellows, residents and students, especially those working in trauma, emergency, and critical care environments.


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