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    Alfred Cuschieri, Pierce A. Grace, Ara Darzi, Neil R. Borley, David I. Rowley
    Clinical Surgery, 2nd Edition

    Wiley-Blackwell | 2003 | ISBN: 0632063947 | 832 pages | PDF | 101 Mb

    Blackwell’s Clinical Surgery has established itself as an excellent indispensable resource for undergraduate medical students and house officers. The first edition was Awarded 1997 BMA Certificate of Commendation. Written by an outstanding team of editors and expert contirbutors, the new updaetd and revised edition has been designed as a complete learning guide.

    Unlike competing titles, Clinical Surgery covers the following all in one book!

    • Symptoms and signs of surgical disease
    • Diagnosis and investigations
    • Treatment and procedures

    The book is divided into five sections:

    • Clinical Skills and Investigations

    • Perioperative Care

    • The Management Of Acute Surgical Illness and Trauma

    • General Surgery

    • Specialist Surgery

    The new edition features:

    • Revised chapters with updated and refreshed material, written in a systematic format to aid learning and enhance understanding

    • 15 new chapters with more information providing you with everything you need to know

    • Blackwell’s famous ′at a Glance′ boxes for the most common surgical conditions and common clinical presentations

    ′Must Know/ Must Do′ boxes – to aid learning and revision through self–assessment

    • Clinically orientated information on practical procedures

    • Evidence Based Medicine references for further reading and research

    • Excellent full colour illustrations and a new attractive and easy to use format

    The second edition of Clinical Surgery is perfect for undergraduate and junior doctors alike as well as other health professionals who need a comprehensive account of surgery in all the major medical specialities. With a strong emphasis on clinical practice and the necessary knowledge and skills, this is a must–buy for anyone going on a surgical rotation. Clinical Surgery is intended to teach you everything you need to know about surgery at the start of your career.


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