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    بسم الله الرخمن الرحيم

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته .

    في أول موضوع لي في المنتدى أحب أني أقدم أحدث المعلومات عن إختبارات السات SAT و التغيرات الي جرت

    The SAT exams are international exams that are made for american high schools students . It used to be carried out in the states but since the american educational system has developed all over the world it became an international exam.There are 2 types of SAT exams

    SAT 1

    An english and math sectioned exam with the total time of 3:45 minutes , you will be given 2 booklets , question booklet and answer booklet .

    The english section is divided into 4 parts : an essay , a written response according to a given topic , reading comprehension , questions based on passages you read during the exam , sentence completion , vocabulary fill in the blanks questions , and mechanics , grammar , which is devided into different types of question.
    All questions above are multiple choices except the essay , you have a blanked paper to write on . And all sections are timed between 35 minutes and 15 minutes .
    The questions always go from easy to hard except for the reading comprehension because questions are based on the order of information in the passages .

    The math section is based on algerbra , geometry , proportionality , percentage , but matrices or ideas that take long proccessing with no alternatives . And you are allowed to use a scientific calculator or a geographical one but not the ones that need electrical outlets , makes soundes , paper responds or computerized calculators . AN IMPORTANT FACT IS THAT ALL QUESTIONS CAN BE SOLVED WITHOUT A CALCULATOR . AND IF YOUR CALCULATOR STOPS FUNCTIONING YOU WONT BE ALLOWED TO BORROW ONE OR LEAVE THE EXAMINATION ROOM TO GET ONE
    . .
    two types of questions in math section : multiple choice or grid ins , student produced response
    questions always go from easy to hard ALWAYS

    As for the formate of the exam : sections are scrambelled , not a section for english and a section for math , no order but the first section will always be the essay.

    Times and dates : the exam is carried out at 6 diiferent time of the year , in january , march , may , june , augest , november
    For more information on dates and on the SAT visit :

    Usually the SAT is carried in the 11th year because every 2 years the exam reaches it's limited date , in other words colleges wont approve of SAT scores older than 2 years

    Your answers on the answer booklet should be in no 2 penciles because the machines that correct the papers do not process other than no 2 pencills
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