630 Questions & Answers About Chinese Herbal Medicine

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    Bob Flaws 630 Questions & Answers About Chinese Herbal Medicine: A Workbook & Study Guide”
    Blue Poppy Press | 1999-02-01 | ISBN: 1891845047 | 175 pages | Html | 2,3 MB
    This book is a study guide and exam preparation workbook for Chinese herbal medicine. Its 630 questions cover all aspects of the theory and practice of Chinese herbal medicine including materia medica; medicinal combinations; processing of medicinals; formulas and prescriptions; additions and subtractions; case history analysis. This book is extremely useful for preparing for various school, state, or national Chines herbal exams. However, no matter what your degree of expertise, answering the questions in this book can help you reach a higher level of Chinese herbal practice.


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