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    Plastic Surgery: Clinical Problem Solving

    Peter Taub, R. Michael Koch, "Plastic Surgery: Clinical Problem Solving"
    McGraw-Hill Professional | 2009-08-26 | ISBN: 0071481508 | 366 pages | PDF | 11 Mb

    Learn how to manage commonly encountered problems in plastic and reconstructive surgery with this unique case-based approach

    Covering head, neck, trunk, extremities, and cosmetic concerns, this sourcebook uses numerous visual clinical scenarios to illustrate essential plastic and reconstructive surgical principles. Each chapter is organized by a well-illustrated case, followed by algorithms that take you through effective management strategies and clinically relevant information. The result is an ideal resource for oral board preparation and a valuable primer for students, residents, and attending physicians from diverse specialties.

    The first resource of its kind, based on visual clinical scenarios designed to sharpen clinical-decision making
    Each case includes an algorithm to guide management strategies
    An extensive, high-yield collection of information and insights for each case
    Practical pearls from leading authorities close each case and provide concept-clarifying take-away points
    Full-color clinical photos add emphasis to must-know points throughout each case
    Suggested references provide further information on each subject

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