SURGERY Vascular Surgery (Oxford Specialist Handbooks Series in Surgery)

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    ISBN: 0199203083
    ISBN 13: 9780199203086
    Author: Linda Hands
    Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
    Number of Pages: 640
    Publication Date: 2007-09-0​


    Product Description: This book is designed to meet the needs of the vascular trainee. It can be carried in the pocket for easy access and provides practical advice on all commonly encountered peripheral vascular problems. It focuses on surgical detail, but also carried background information on presentation and details on preoperative investigation and postoperative management. The book gives relevant information for use when seeking patient consent. Each operation carries an OPCS code, increasingly important in recording surgical activity.
    Alternative interventions are given, including both radiological procedures and medical management where appropriate; an important approach given the evolving vascular specialist who has responsibility in all three fields. It informs the vascular trainee from their earliest encounter with the area to those completing their fellowship. It should also be of interest to the PRHO on the vascular ward, the specialist vascular nurse, the vascular anaesthetist, the intensivist and the vascular radiologist.​


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