Internet Cool Tools for Physicians

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    Internet Cool Tools for Physicians
    By Melissa L. Rethlefsen, David L. Rothman, Daniel S. Mojon

    * Publisher: Springer
    * Number Of Pages: 154
    * Publication Date: 2008-12
    * ISBN-10 / ASIN: 3540763813

    Product Description:
    Feel like you're being sucked down into a swirl of never-ending information? Today's physicians are faced with new advances in medicine and new research that can impact practice, but finding the right information at the right time seems overwhelming in the constant deluge of scientific research. That's where this illustrated guide will walk you through some of today's most useful Internet tools, tools that can help you find, manage, and organize the information you need, so that it is always at your fingertips, whether for patient care, research, practice, or fun.


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