SURGERY Video of the book “Tissue Adhesives in Wound Care

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    (party)Video of the book “Tissue Adhesives in Wound Care”
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    1. History of Wound Closure and Tissue Adhesives 2. Wound Healing 3. Wound Preparation and Good Wound Care Practices 4. Selecting the Proper Wound Closure Technique 5. Understanding Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesives 6. Application Techniques for Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesive Wound Closure 7. Avoiding Pitfalls 8. Wound Aftercare 9. Wound Infections and the Use of Antibiotics 10. Clinical Outcomes 11. Cost Analysis 12. Other Uses of Cyanoacrylate and Future Developments Appendix Index8 C8 I. H$ t% m4 Q# Z- b% t1 a: ^

    $ |+ [3 H3 R5 S$ |* NIn November 1997, the US Food and Drug Administration approved a new class of adhesives for use in repairing wounds. These new products, known as cyanoacrylates, are a marked improvement from the older style adhesives introduced in North America 25 years ago. The author is the principal investigator on polymers for use in these new adhesives. This new super glue is applied directly over the approximated margins of a wound and dries in seconds. Importantly, these adhesives demonstrate an antibacterial property. As a fast and cost-effective method of closure, these new adhesives represent an important advance. Since these materials are relatively new, there has been no comprehensive book on the subject until now. This work provides, in one economical package, everything needed to understand and properly use these adhesives.
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