Radar 10 + Encyclopedia Homeopathica 2.21 + Winchip 2.85

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    ist zwar naturheilkunde und englisch,
    aber sehr teuer und angeblich sehr gut....

    Radar 10 + Encyclopedia Homeopathica 2.21 + Winchip 2.85

    Radar 10

    For more than 20 years RADAR helps homeopaths all over the world with their daily practice. RADAR is an easy to use and powerful tool at the same time - special modules add functionality for a variety of homeopathic techniques.

    * Browse your repertory(ies) in different ways - find rubrics and "hidden" information you never would have found in the book
    * Find symptoms using mighty search-tools - from simple to very distinguished
    * Analyse your repertorisation in a second - change your "point of view" by just two mouseclicks
    * Retrieve remedy-information from the repertory - find all nux-v. rubrics containing "headache" in less than 10 seconds
    * Save time every day

    RADAR basic-functionality

    Easy, unstructured search
    Just type on your keyboard "?head pain morning" to get all symptoms containing your keywords listed

    Structured search - an eye-opener
    Look at your repertory in a new way by limiting the shown information by going down the hierarchy step-by-step - sorted alphabetical instead of "homeopathic order"

    Collecting symptoms
    Found the symptom you've been looking for? One click and it's added to your symptoms-list - already underlined as you desire

    Gone the time you limited your analysis due to manual repertorisation. There is no need to limit your rubric-sizes - RADAR takes all the information into account you want. Evene more: With different techniques you can view your case from different point of views.

    Let Experts help you for new ideas on your case - RADAR is the only software providing a Vithoulkas Expert System (VES).

    Remedy extraction
    Ever wondered how many sep. symptoms can be found in Synthesis? You want to compare two or more (up to 10) remedies? Find all 3rd and 4th-degree bell. symptoms in the chapter Mind? All this information can be gathered in no time. This tool is a powerful aid for teaching, learning and researching.

    Add more information
    Due to the open structure of Synthesis, symptoms, remedies, notes, etc. can be added in "real time". Let your own knowledge become part of your Synthesis - if desired, share this information with other RADAR-users and benefit from the work of your colleagues. RADAR and Synthesis are as dynamic as homeopathy is.

    Encyclopaedia Homeopathica
    The first true Encyclopedia of Homeopathy

    Imagine stepping into a huge Homeopathic Library, and being able to find any symptom, or get an answer to any question you have in seconds. With the birth of Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH), the promise of homeopathic materia medica software programs has been realized.

    Homeopaths around the world were stunned with the first release. "This is the Materia Medica program we've been waiting for" has been the overwhelming response. This review from the British Homoeopathic Journal is one example.

    With dazzling speed, EH searches through hundreds of thousands of pages of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Journals, Homeopathic Philosophy and cured Cases. Its easy, powerful search engine lets you work with an entire Homeopathic Library, many shelves full of books, as if you were a long time experienced Homeopath.

    EH reduces the time you need to search in books to a minimum and increases your success to a maximum.

    All cra**ed

    Install to the root of a drive( C:\, D:\). Enjoy!

    If you get an error in EH saying: "An unsupported operation was attempted" then run

    if you have a problem in full repertory mode and do not see Murphy 3 and SE92,

    install update 30:

    then unpack this archive in Radar10\bin:

    enjoy it

    size: 1,9 GB

    lang: english


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