anodyne light therapy

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    anodyne light therapy



    What is the Anodyne?

    Anodyne is a treatment that uses light energy, which dramatically increases circulation in the area to which it is applied. Light-emitting diodes are fitted into flexible pads that can be applied directly to the skin on any affected part of the body. The light energy helps increase blood flow by delivering healing cells and nutrients to the injured site.

    How does Anodyne therapy work?
    Anodyne therapy consists of 10 to 12 sessions lasting 30 minutes each. During this time, energy is penetrating your tissues increasing circulation up to 400 percent. It is this increase in circulation that results in relief of pain and rapid wound healing.


    Anodyne for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy


    Before experiencing wounds or diabetic ulcers, patients affected by diabetic peripheral neuropathy suffer from loss of sensation, loss of balance, chronic pain, or loss of feeling in their extremities. This is of particular concern for health care providers because patients cannot identify (or sometimes feel) the source of the problem; therefore, often recognize the symptoms when they have progressed and circulation is severely compromised. Wounds or diabetic ulcers left untreated can lead to amputations. Once serious complications manifest, an approach to treatment may involve the surgical placement of stents and the use of prescription drugs. Anodyne offers a new alternative. It is a therapy that can be used to intervene at the early stages of disease in order to prevent the more serious complications. Depending on the severity of the disease Anodyne may or may not be used in conjunction with prescription drugs. For those needing prescription drugs in conjunction with Anodyne for their neuropathy treatment, at EMMC the long-term goal is to reduce their list of medications and to place them on alternative natural options

    Anodyne for Chronic Pain & Poor circulation


    for th patients suffer from any condition distinguished by pain and inflammation or a condition characterized by poor circulation, anodyne provides a painless, non - invasive treatment option for them.

    Anodyne is often associated with the treatment of diabetic complications such as neuropathy, but its benefits extend far beyond. and its benefits for a variety of other conditions ranging from:

    • Arthritis
    • Bursitis
    • Tendonitis
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Sprains
    • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation or feeling)
    • Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorders (“TMJ”)
    • Slow healing wounds
    • Diabetic ulcers
    • Stress Fractures

    Anodyne may be used safely over:

    • ANY part of the body including the spine
    • Metal implants, pins, screws
    • Pacemakers and defibrillators

    Treatment Protocols

    Chronic conditions: Typical protocols will require patients to be treated for a minimum of 30 minutes three times per week for approximately 4 weeks. Anodyne Therapy will be provided along with other skilled therapy interventions that are needed to improve function based on the patient’s assessment and personal goals.

    Acute conditions: For severe pain, treatments can be given up to three times per day. Protocols may be of shorter duration and lower frequency in some cases.

    The Care Plan should always be set by a therapist, physician or nurse based on a clinical assessment of the severity and duration of the patient’s condition. Longer standing conditions may require more frequent treatments and/or longer duration than 4 weeks.

    Benefits & Duration

    • Some patients feel pain relief in the first treatment, while others need 6 or more treatments to feel improvement. Generally speaking, if patients have not felt some improvement within 12 treatments, infrared therapy may not be effective for their condition.
    • Anodyne Therapy relieves pain temporarily. Chronic painful and/or circulatory conditions will require ongoing use of a home system to provide long-term symptomatic relief.


    Anodyne Therapy should not be used directly over or near:
    • Active cancerous tumors.
    • The womb during pregnancy.
    • Topical heating and cooling agents such as Ben Gay, Capsaicin or Biofreeze. Completely remove these agents before applying Anodyne.

    Anodyne has no known drug interactions or side-effects. However, there are a few precautions.
    • Anodyne Therapy is a photo-thermal modality, and thus, there is a slight risk of a superficial burn. When our recommended protocols are followed, the risk of a thermal event is extremely rare.
    • People with circulatory compromise: Sometimes there is a slight increase in tingling or burning initially as blood flow increases. This typically resolves within the first 6-8 treatments.
    • People with diabetes: When increasing activity levels during therapy sessions, check blood sugars more regularly
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