our life will be more beautiful

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    The importance of friends
    “Sometimes in life , you find a special friend ,someone who changes you life just by being part of it”, I belive that many of us here have been familiar with this famous poem. Actually everyone needs friendship in this world filled with competition to have a share in your success, to comfort his heart , and to support him out of difficulties, just as no one can sail the ocean of life single handed
    As human beings , theWoW Gold more deluxe animal with social characters , we inherit the instinct of communication and cooperation to work together with others , to share feelings with someone , and to enter into the abundant life in a collectivity .Therefore we need friends to make up our life and to perfect it .For instance ,my favorite sport is football ,and I have many good friends who often play it
    together .When we enter the game , everyone of us struggle to perform better and enjoy game . Just imagine the WoW Power Levelingfeeling of happiness after working with your friends through thick and thin , imagine the collective joy instead of rejoicing alone, we can never get it without our friends .Our friends are just like the magnifying glass ,which magnify the enjoyment and let us get more fun.
    Definitely , a friend not only shares your happiness, he also shares your sorrow. When you are down and the world seems dark and empty , your friend lifts you up and makes the sky above your head suddenly wow power levelingseem bright and full. Now we are college students, we no longer live under the protection of our parents , and many things need to be done by ourselves. Thus it result in some unexpected problems unavoidable wow power leveling.What makes it worse ,
    not everything is resoluble just lean on ourselves, then friends’ help may be most timely .Maybe the help is little ,such as a warm-hearted word ,a pure-hearted smile ,a short journey accompanying you and so on ,but the sincerely emotion is true and impressive, no matter you have met himCheap WoW Gold before or not. I still remember the first day when I came to my college , it was a senior who guide me to my dormitory , show me around the school , and gave me some tips about how to live out college life .Though I don’t know his name , I will remember his good behavior forever.
    A friend is like an umbrella in World Of Warcraft goldthe rainy days , you may walk and suffer the hurt in your heart alone without him. Just because of you and me , because of every one who bring happiness to others , our life have become beautiful and full of sunshine . Every time I heard the song “Encounter is a song” , the impressive feeling of friendship will come to my mind .Making friends has nothing to do with distance , and the value of friends is not related to substantial commitment .The beauty of friendship lies in the sensation between heart and heart.

    In a word , a friend is someone who makes you laugh and forget the heart-struck things ,someone who convinces you that there is really good in the world .Walking along the road ,you may come across many things and many people ,you may encounter someone who you want to know or who wants acquaint wow power
    you .Friendship may appear everywhere, and you mayyou’re your friends at any moment .
    After thinking and imagination drive away loneliness and the balance of soul brings modesty and tolerance , the human nature will have more mildness , the world will become more and more harmonious , and our life will be more beautiful .

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