Pathology contemporary oral and maxilofacial pathology

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    Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (Hardcover​

    Book Description
    Understand and diagnose oral injuries and diseases

    Product Description
    This vibrant, full-color text provides the practical and up-to-date information readers need to understand and diagnose oral injuries and diseases. Organized in a consistent and logical format, it includes the latest discussions on oral pathology, as well as key content on neoplasia, immune-mediated disorders, developmental disorders, and oral manifestations of systemic conditions. Providing thorough discussions of the most common disorders, each chapter also includes a list of the recent review articles and classic publications that are related to the chapter's content. More than 900 photos and illustrations of the oral and maxillofacial region are included, and many photomicrographs are accompanied by simple color line drawings to aid in the detection of disease and abnormal cells.

    • The arrangement of chapters follows the curriculum of oral pathology courses in most dental schools.
    • The logical organization provides a consistent, accessible approach to text content.
    • Complete, yet concise coverage includes the most essential and practical information.
    • Full-color photos of oral lesions assist with the clear identification and diagnosis of oral conditions.
    • Key Terms presented at the beginning of each chapter are highlighted within the chapter text to assist in content review.
    • Chapter outlines begin each chapter to facilitate the location of important topics.
    • A comprehensive bibliography, divided by pathologic topic, is presented at the end of each chapter to help readers find supplemental literature quickly.
    • Three highly accomplished authors with a broad range of clinical research and classroom teaching experience ensure well-balanced coverage of the entire subject
    • All topics have been completely revised and updated with the latest information on the etiology, clinical features, histopathology, treatment, and prognosis of each disease.
    • An all new format with larger illustrations and additional syndromes and hereditary diseases, includes more than 900 images (nearly 700 in full color), larger size to show even more detail, and striking new full-color line drawings to assist with the clear identification and diagnosis of oral conditions.
    • New disease entities have been added - including skin lesions, additional immune-mediated conditions, recent advances in the understanding and management of AIDS, and expanded information on the treatment and management of oral diseases - to keep readers up to date on the most recent trends and findings in oral diagnosis and the treatment of disease.
    • A comprehensive glossary at the end of the book makes it easy to quickly locate definitions of every key term highlighted within the text.

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