Nanocomputing: computational physics for nanoscience and nanotechnology

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    Nanocomputing: computational physics for nanoscience and nanotechnology
    Hsu, Jang-Yu
    Distributed by World Scientific, Pan Stanford Publishing

    "Based on MATLAB and the C++ distributed computing paradigm, this guide gives instructive explanations of the underlying physics for mesoscopic systems with many listed programs that readily compute physical properties into nano scales. Many generated graphical pictures demonstrate not only the principles of physics but also the methodology of computing. The volume starts with a review on quantum physics, quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics, followed by a discussion on the computational and analytical tools and the numerical algorithms used. With these tools in hand, the nonlinear many-body problem, the molecular dynamics, the low dimensionality and nanostructures are then explored. Special topics covered have include the plasmon, the quantum Hall effect, chaos and stochasticity. The applications explored here include graphene, carbon nanotube, water dynamics and the molecular computer."

    Table of contents :
    Content: Little Big Science
    Tools for Analysis
    Mesoscopic Systems
    Analytical Chapter
    Numerical Chapter
    Nonlinear Many-Body Physics and Transport
    OOP, MPI and Parallel Computing
    Low Dimensionality and Nanostructures
    Special Topics

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