A Book Scanning Group of our Own

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    Here is my humble opinion.

    There are western world libraries, like
    openlibrary.org and archive.org who have lots of scanned books and images.

    They are Holding it Hostage and NOT releasing them.
    They have CHEAP technology to camera scan, not just flat bed and process electronically.

    The EXCUSES that they are under copyright are BOGUS.

    What they are doing is playing a DELAYING game.

    Archive dot org is built into or with China's Cadal.

    Under American threats and their own capitalist greed, the Chinese have stopped the CADAL and blocked it.

    Also, they are turning it into an evil bait-and-switch, preview cash-cow.
    Inside, they have a different policy to their own citizens and students.


    A books scanning group of our own.

    Without this, we will always be backward.
    Even the Koreans are ahead of us now.
    Arabs and muslims are the MOST BACKWARD people and always fighting among ourselves.
    The whole world is LAUGHING at us.
    I am reporting to you from the USA, the TRUTH that our politicians and leaders who control power will want to suppress .. and discontent the enemies would like to exploit to make a chaos.

    I am suggesting a solution.
    Energies should be put to scanning and sharing.

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