New Transcription Factors and Their Role in Diabetes and Therapy

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    »Book Publisher: Elsevier Science (11 October, 2006)
    »Book author: Jacob E. Friedman
    »Amazon Rating:

    Book Description:
    This book contains contributions from some of the most eminent experts in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, and pathophysiology of diabetes. Through specific examples, with broad applications, this book provides a comprehensive look at how transcription factors may underline the pathogenetic mechanisms of diabetes and obesity.

    Volume 5 provides an overview of the status of the field, while also providing valuable information of practical utility to those who do not necessarily work in this field. The integration of basic biology with physiologically and clinically relevant proteins should provide the reader with a theoretical background to understanding the strategies for new potential therapeutic targets and their application to disease.

    *Applies molecular biology to transcriptional regulation of metabolism and obesity
    *Underscores the clinical relevance of transcription factors
    *Provides a valuable overview of the current status of the field

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