Immunology Mucosal Immunology and Virology

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    المصدر: Mucosal Immunology and Virology
    في منتدى : كتب طبية

    • Publisher: Springer
    • Number Of Pages: 214
    • Publication Date: 2006-08-17
    • Sales Rank: 2490251
    • ISBN / ASIN: 1846282012
    • EAN: 9781846282010
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Manufacturer: Springer
    • Studio: Springer
    • Average Rating:
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    Book Description:
    An understanding of virus infection and the underlying role of the immune system in protection against these diseases is vital in today’s medical climate. Previously, only symptoms could be treated, as there were no antiviral therapies. The increasing amounts of research and the huge number of discoveries of immunologic agents and pathways has led to the opportunity to look to the basic physiology of the various disease process as never before. This book is designed to provide the clinician with a thorough and yet approachable textbook describing the relationships between immunology, virology and the disease process.

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