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    by Ivan M. Roitt (Editor), Peter J. Delves (Editor)
    6233 pages

    With more than 700 expert authors from 22 different countries, the Encyclopedia of Immunology, Second Edition is the largest comprehensive reference source of current immunologicalknowledge available. It provides a broad scope and high level of expertise to the many aspects of the field of immunology and related areas, including microbiology, virology, and parasitology. Arranged into 31 subject areas with extensivecross-referencing and subject indexes in eachvolume, the Encyclopedia is easy-to-use for virtually any researcher, regardless of his or her field. Concise definitions of the subject area also introduce each entry. The SecondEdition includes timely and thorough updates for all articles from the First Edition, more than 60 new entries, a glossary of immunological terms in each volume, a total of 500 figures and tables, and new color platessections.

    Initial access to the innovative online version offering extensive hypertext linking and advanced search tools is available to buyers of the print edition. Ongoing access is maintained for a minimum annual fee.​

    Key Features:

    * Four volumes, each containing a subject index
    * Approximately 630 different articles
    * More than 700 expert contributors from 22 different countries
    * Coverage of 31 differentsubject areas
    * Concise definitions of the subject to introduce each entry
    * Further reading lists at the end of each entry
    * Extensive cross-referencing
    * Entries arranged in a single A-Z list for easyaccess
    * Easy-to-read double-column format
    * More than 500 figures to complement the text
    * More than 60 new articles
    * A glossary of immunological terms in each volume
    * A color plate section ineach volume​

    "The considerable changes in immunology over the six years since publication of the well-received first edition of this encyclopedia are reflected in this new edition, expanded from three volumes to four, offeringsome 600 articles by 700 contributors... The updates and new features of this edition ensure the encyclopedia will continue to be a major reference in immunology and in related areas of biology and medicine." (CHOICE)

    "Graduate students and professionals in fields as diverse as microbiology, protein chemistry, physiology, as well as immunology will benefit from this work...this is a very impressive reference. Medical libraries, and other speciallibraries should alo give it strong consideration." (

    "This encyclopedia consists of a four volume set that draws upon the expertise of nearly 1000 researchers...The entries are well written andclearly illustrated. I really enjoyed browsing through the encyclopedia."

    Immunologists, microbiologists, clinicians, medical and science undergraduate and graduate students.​

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