Emergency & Critical Care textbook : Understanding Mechanical Ventilation 2nd Ed

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    textbook : Understanding Mechanical Ventilation 2nd Ed


    For writers of technical books, there can be no better piece of
    Around the time of writing the first edition – about a
    decade ago – there were very few monographs on this subject:
    today, there are possibly no less than 20.
    Based on critical inputs, this edition stands thoroughly
    revamped. New chapters on ventilator waveforms, airway
    humidification, and aerosol therapy in the ICU now find a
    place. Novel software-based modes of ventilation have been
    included. Ventilator-associated pneumonia has been separated
    into a new chapter. Many new diagrams and algorithms
    have been added.
    As in the previous edition, considerable energy has been
    spent in presenting the material in a reader-friendly, conversational
    style. And as before, the book remains firmly rooted
    in physiology.
    My thanks are due to Madhu Reddy, Director of Universities
    Press – formerly a professional associate and now a friend, P.
    Sudhir, my tireless Pulmonary Function Lab technician who
    found the time to type the bits and pieces of this manuscript
    in between patients, A. Sobha for superbly organizing my
    time, Grant Weston and Cate Rogers at Springer, London,
    Balasaraswathi Jayakumar at Spi, India for her tremendous
    support, and to Dr. C. Eshwar Prasad, who, for his words of
    advice, I should have thanked years ago.




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