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    Evidence-based medicine is no longer a swear word in dermatology. Most dermatologists are practising good evidence-based dermatology to various degrees. The challenge is to improve those skills. The BMJ’s Evidence-based Dermatology is different from the usual textbook in that it introduces the rationale for evidence-based dermatology in a section at the start, and supplies readers with a detailed “toolbox” to help them understand some of the basic concepts in practising evidence-based dermatology. Another difference is that contributors have been encouraged to follow a common structure in summarising the evidence base for different skin diseases. The book also separates the evidence found in studies from the authors’ opinion, and provides the reader with summaries of key points at the end of each chapter. Evidence-based Dermatology is complemented by a website that includes additional chapters and updates. The CD-ROM that comes with this book features a PDF eBook that is bookmarked and hyperlinked for instant access to all topics and the text is fully searchable.

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