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    Title: Essential Clinical Immunology (Essential Hematology (Hoffbrand))
    Author: Helen M. Chapel Mansel Haeney Siraj Misbah Neil Snowden
    Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, Incorporated
    Publication Date: 1999-09-01
    Number Of Pages: 368

    The fourth edition of this highly popular book has been extensively revised. The first chapter, a revision of the immune system, has been updated to provide the 'nitty-gritty' a student or trainee needs to know in order to understand diseases that have an immunological basis. The rest of the book's focus is clinical but covers the underlying pathophysiology of disease so that the reader is left with a lasting grasp of the basis of symptoms, signs, special investigations and management of the patient. It will be of great value to medical students and postgraduate trainees who require a thorough knowledge of the rapidly expanding number of diseases that have an immunological basis.Other features of the book include:- Selected case-histories that cover key learning points- Questions (multiple choice) and answers to help test understanding- Updates on immune diseases, immunotherapy and transplantation- New sections on chemokines and their role in inflamation, viral infections and much, much more- A dedicated website that provides updates, further case-histories and references together with short commentary on evidence for new or controversial statements in the text. See ​

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