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    Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior
    by Norman B. Anderson (Editor)
    Hardcover: 1016 pages
    Publisher: SAGE Publications (January 21, 2004)
    ISBN-10: 0761923608
    ISBN-13: 978-0761923602


    Book Info:
    "Designed to provide an introduction to the many topics in health and behavior for diverse audiences," this A-Z work is an important development for the field of public health. Topics cut across all of the fields that compose health and behavior, including theories and methods in health and behavior, biopsychosocial interactions and basic behavioral and social processes, epidemiology of risk and protective factors, health promotion and disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and policy and organizational issues. Social and cultural factors are also covered, including, for example, Crowding and health, Health disparities, Latino health and behavior, and Social or status incongruence. More than 200 signed entries by credentialed contributors range in length from 1 to 9 pages and are followed by bibliographies for further reading. Two appendixes, repeated in both volumes, are particularly helpful--an annotated 15-page directory of online resources and predominantly national health and behavior organizations and a 67-page general bibliography. Author and subject indexes conclude the set. Access is facilitated also by a list of entries and a reader's guide at the beginning of volume 1.​

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