Dyspnoea In Advanced Disease

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    المصدر: Dyspnoea In Advanced Disease
    في منتدى : كتب طبية

    by Sara Booth (Editor), Deborah Dudgeon (Editor)
    ISBN: 019853003X
    Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA (January 26, 2006)
    Format: PDF - 271 pages


    From Inside the eBook
    The genesis of breathlessness What do we understand? Douglas Beach and Richard M. Schwartzstein Understanding the mechanisms of breathlessness: Why should we care? She now must wear oxygen even at rest. Even when she feels her best, she is only able to walk up one flight of stairs before she must stop and catch her breath. As she engages in activity, the damaged lungs may be unable to meet the oxygen demands of metabolically active tissue or to remove the carbon dioxide that is the consequence of aerobic activity. The inability to adequately oxygenate the blood and/or to eliminate carbon dioxide, while potentially life-threatening, is not sufficient to explain all breathing discomfort. In addition, skeletal muscle is also thought to have metaboreceptors, which are not typically described as chemoreceptors, but appear to be capable of detecting changes, at the tissue level, in metabolites produced by anaerobic metabolism.
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