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    Textbook of Gastroenterology Atlas of Gastroenterology

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    A interesting book of gastroenterology. The reference =

    Textbook of Gastroenterology
    Author: Tadataka Yamada et al

    he most comprehensive reference text in gastroenterology - now in its 4th edition.
    Now in its 4th edition, the Textbook of Gastroenterology builds upon a well-earned reputation for in-depth coverage and superb scholarship established by its predecessors - now with coverage of hepatology! Combining basic science information with a clear mastery of clinical medicine, Dr. Yamada and his expert team of editors and contributors have created the most comprehensive and current reference in gastroenterology available.

    The new edition features 21 new chapters devoted to hepatic disease as well as new chapters on approaches to the patient with obesity, use of alternative medicines in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, visceral sensory pathways and the economics of diagnosis and treatment.

    Thoroughly updated for its Fourth Edition, this classic two-volume work provides encyclopedic coverage of contemporary clinical gastroenterology. In 162 chapters written by leading authorities, the text reviews clinically relevant basic science, presents practical approaches to common symptoms, discusses the entire spectrum of diseases, and describes all diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available today. Complementing the text are 2,000 illustrations.

    This edition has a new Associate Editor, Neil Kaplowitz, MD, who is a noted hepatologist. More than 30 new chapters focus specifically on liver disease and the liver is incorporated into other chapters where appropriate. Also included are new chapters on alternative medicine, approaches to the patient with obesity, visceral sensory pathways, and economics of diagnosis and treatment. More than 30 percent of the contributors are new to this edition.


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