Dentistry Preprosthetic _and_ Maxillofacial_ Surgery:_ Biomaterials

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    .dh..d | 2011-05-28 | ISBN: 184_56958_95 | 400 pages | PDF | 14,7 MB
    The development of oral implantology has risen dramatically since the discovery of osseointegration (the integration of bone and implants). The stability of the implant after its insertion is essential in ensuring successful osseointegration. To achieve this, it is often necessary to prepare the area and reconstruct the bone to ensure that it is the correct shape and size for the implant. In maxillofacial surgery this procedure is known as preprosthetic surgery. Preprosthetic and maxillofacial surgery: Biomaterials, bone grafting and tissue engineering provides readers with the fundamentals of the biology and physiology of maxillofacial bone reconstruction.
    The book opens with a detailed discussion on bone tissue engineering. Part 1 then looks at bone reconstruction in implantology and reconstructive preprosthetic surgery. Chapters consider the fundamentals of bone grafting in implantology, cranial bone grafting, symphyseal and alveolar reconstruction and alveolar bi-directional distraction in preprosthetic surgery. Further chapters investigate maxillary sinus grafting and bony corpus reconstruction (the monobloc technique) for implant insertion before concluding by examining alveolar widening using distraction osteogenesis (DO) in maxillofacial surgery and bone grafting and Le fort 1 osteotomy in cases of major atrophy of the maxilla. Part 2 looks at reconstruction in particular situations beginning with applications of biomaterials in alveolar and maxillofacial bone reconstruction before discussing implants in congenital missing teeth, maxillo-mandibular amputations and alveolar reconstruction in cleft for implants rehabilitation. Other topics discussed include bone reconstruction in irradiated situations and periodontal surgery related to alveolar bone reconstruction for implant insertion. Part 3 focuses on tissue engineering and considers Mucosal and gingival tissue engineering and the osteoinductivization of dental implants and bone-defect-filling materials. Tissue engineering and endodontics are examined and the book concludes with a discussion of the current status of teeth engineering.
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