Cardiology & ECG Valentin_ Fuster,_ "Hurst's_ The Heart,_ 11th Edition

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    Publisher: 0071422641 | ISBN: 007_14226_41 | edition 2004 | multi PDF | 2400 pages | 42,1 mb
    Enhance your clinical decision-making today— with the landmark volume that continues to define cardiology!
    Setting an even higher standard…
    *This description refers to the single-volume of Hurst’s THE HEART, 11/e.
    There’s no mistaking the commanding coverage of Hurst’s THE HEART. Turn to any page, and you’ll see the solid focus on patient care, up-to-the-minute perspectives on therapeutic and technological advances, and expert authorship acclaimed by cardiology residents, fellows, and physicians. Now, the 11th Edition of Hurst’s THE HEART takes this tradition of excellence to a whole new level.


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