Small_ Animal_ Clinical_ Diagnosis_ by Laboratory_ Methods, 4th Edition

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    Family doctor)General practitioner)

    Michael D. Willard DVM MS, Harold Tvedten DVM PhD, "Small Animal Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods, 4th Edition"
    Saun.... | 2007-11-21 | ISBN: 0721689035 | 448 pages | PDF | 12,6 MB

    This popular resource allows the reader to appropriately select and accurately interpret laboratory tests in a practical and efficient manner. It presents an organized method of answering common questions that reflect the most frequently encountered problems in laboratory tests. A new chapter on Point-of-Care Methodology has been added, and the section on electrolyte/acid-base now includes strong ion differences. Two additional color plates feature 12 new figures.

    * Each chapter contains several tables for easy access to data.
    * Listing of Referral Laboratories provides a list of labs that can be contacted for certain diseases.
    * Reference Values provide an instant source to identify coagulation, hematology , etc., reference values.
    * Laboratory Findings of Selected Diseases give the reader a brief overview of diagnostic features.
    * A full-color, 8-page insert of illustrations aids in morphologic diagnosis.
    * Expert editors and contributors provide the most accurate, authoritative information.
    * Chapter outlines provide the reader with an overview of each chapter.
    * Limited chapter references make the book easier to use in the laboratory.
    * A new chapter on Point-of Care Methodology is included.
    * Strong ion differences have been added to the electrolyte/acid-base section.
    * An additional 12 full-color illustrations are featured in two new color plates.

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