Immunology Really Essential Medical Immunology

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    This book builds on the success of the first edition and includes a fresh contemporary look and easy to navigate feel, with fully updated content and materials. This book is a concise, manageable and portable textbook, based on the original and best-selling Roitt's Essential Immunology, and is specifically designed and written for busy medical and science students getting to grips with the subject of immunology. Contains only the absolute essentails that students need to know- Lays out information in a clear, easy-to-navigate format. Includes revision summary boxes to help get the best results in exams- Describes concepts visually through the use of clear, simple full colour diagrams. Is a must-buy for busy students who need to find information fast and easy. A distillation of Roitt s Essential Immunology to bridge the gap between the core text and a review guide for medical students. It has been extensively edited and illustrated in full color to make concepts easy to understand. Illustrated, short book on immunology, intermediate level.

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