Fedora Core 4 من اصدارات لينوكس

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    Fedora Core 4 من اصدارات لينوكس


    work with the Linux community to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from open source software. Development will be done in a public forum. The project will produce time-based releases of Fedora Core about 2-3 times a year, with a public release schedule. The Red Hat engineering team will continue to participate in building Fedora Core and will invite and encourage more outside participation than in past releases. By using this more open process, we hope to provide an operating system more in line with the ideals of free software and more appealing to the open source community.

    Features of Fedora Core 4:
    · Support for the PowerPC (PPC) architecture.
    · GCC 4.0
    · GNOME 2.10
    · KDE 3.4 includes new accessibility features. You can manage these new features in KDS Control CenterRegional & AccessibilityAccessibility.
    · Native Eclipse 3.1M6 (part of a free Java stack)
    · MySQL 4.1
    · PHP 5.0
    · Xen 2 (virtualization to run multiple versions of an OS)
    · GFS 6.1-0.pre22 (cluster file system)
    · Evince 0.2.1 (universal document viewer)
    · GDM 2.6 - Includes early login capability
    · SELinux This release includes coverage for 80 new daemons by the targeted policy. There are changes to the handling of Booleans. The targeted policy is enabled by default.

    Hardware Requirements:
    - Minimum: PowerPC G3 / POWER4
    - Fedora Core 4 supports only the “New World” generation of Apple® Power Macintosh, shipped circa 1999 onwards. It also supports the 64-bit G5 processor and, POWER processors in IBM® eServer™ pSeries™. Currently 32-bit IBM® RS/6000™ machines are not supported.
    - Recommended for text-mode: 233 MHz G3 or better
    - Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz G3 or better

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