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Posing_and_Lighting_with_Bambi_Cantrell: Day_1

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    Posing_and_Lighting_with_Bambi_Cantrell: Day_1

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    Join Bambi Cantrell for an intimate three day workshop focusing on posing and lighting techniques with a focus on wedding, boudoir, and portrait photography. This is shaping up to be one of the most popular subjects we've hosted. Thousands of photographers from around the world are enrolled for this weekend, and we've seen a tremendous amount of interest online for both Bambi and the topic of posing and light.

    This is day one of the CreativeLive 3 day online course. There's at least 6 hours of training here at very high quality.

    In 2007 American Photo Magazine named Bambi Cantrell as one of the “10 Best Wedding Photographers in the world.” Ms Cantrell was honored by Microsoft Corporation in 2006 by being named the first woman “Icon of Imaging” in their elite Icons program, and to this day provides photographic educational training to photographers worldwide. In 2003 the United Nations honored Bambi Cantrell with its ”International Leadership Award,” and in 2001 Bambi was honored with “The Lifetime Achievement Award” the highest honor given by The Wedding Portrait Photographers International Organization.


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