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Pathology كتاب molecular genetic pathology 2008

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    edited by
    Liang Cheng, David Y. Zhang.


    Principles of clinical molecular biology / Shaobo Zhang ... [et al.] --
    Principles of clinical cytogenetics / Stuart Schwartz --
    Diagnostic methodology and technology / Josephine Wu ... [et al.] --
    Tissue microarrays and biomarker validation / Martina Storz and Holger Moch --
    Laser capture microdissection / Matthew Kuhar and Liang Cheng --
    Clinical flow cytometry / Magdalena Czader --
    Conceptual evolution in cancer biology / Shaobo Zhang, Darrell D. Davidson, and Liang Cheng --
    Clinical genomics in oncology / Hugo M. Horlings and Marc van de Vijver --
    Clinical proteomics / David H. Geho ... [et al.] --
    Clinical pharmacogenomics / Catalina Lopez-Correa and Lawrence M. Gelbert --
    Clonality analysis in modern oncology and surgical pathology / Liang Cheng ... [et al.] --
    Fluorescence In Situ hybridization (FISH) and conventional cytogenetics for hematology and oncology diagnosis / Vesna Najfeld --
    Instrumentation / Bruce E. Petersen ... [et al.] --
    Genetic inheritance and population genetics / Tatiana Foroud and Daniel L. Koller --
    Genetic counseling / Kimberly A. Quaid and Lisa J. Cushman --
    Molecular medical genetics / Lisa Edelmann, Stuart Scott, and Ruth Kornreich --
    Prenatal diagnosis / Nataline Kardon and Lisa Edelmann --
    Familial cancer syndromes / Michelle P. Elieff ... [et al.]. Molecular testing for solid tumors / Neal I. Lindeman and Paola Dal Cin --
    Molecular pathology of the central nervous system / Eyas M. Hattab and Brent T. Harris --
    Molecular virology / Josephine Wu, Mona Sharaan, and David Y. Zhang --
    Molecular bacteriology, mycology and parasitology / Mona Sharraan ... [et al.] --
    Molecular testing for coagulopathies / Veshana Ramiah and Thomas L. Ortel --
    Molecular hemoglobinopathies / Jodi A. Parks ... [et al.] --
    Molecular diagnostics of lymphoid malignancies / Francisco Vega and Dan M. Jones --
    Molecular diagnostics of myeloid leukemias / C. Cameron Yin and Dan M. Jones --
    The HLA system and tranfusion medicine : molecular approach / S. Yoon Choo --
    Molecular forensic pathology / P. Michael Conneally and Stephen R. Dlouhy --
    Gene therapy : vector technology and clinical applications / Kenneth Cornetta --
    Ethical and legal issues in molecular testing / Kimberly A. Quaid --
    Quality assurance and laboratory inspection / Carol L. Johns and Liang Cheng --
    Appendix / Liang Cheng and Shaobo Zhang.

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