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    McGraw-Hill Manual Colorectal Surgery (Mcgraw Hill Manual) by Andreas Kaiser
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional | Number Of Pages: 760 | Publication Date: 2008-11-20 | ISBN-10: 0071590706 | PDF | 8 Mb

    McGraw-Hill Manual Colorectal Surgery provides the information you need for every kind of colorectal surgery, conveniently presented in at-a-glance bulleted lists and tables. Concise chapters provide high-yield summaries of symptoms, diseases, differential diagnoses, management, and potential complications, along with step-by-step technical instructions for operations.

    * Brief thumbnail descriptions of symptoms and diagnosis; evaluation tools; anatomy and physiology; diseases and problems; operative techniques; adjuvant and conservative treatment; perioperative management; and more! .
    * Can be used as a guide, a resource, a refresher, or a board review.
    * Two-color design with tabbed pages facilitates on-the-spot look-up .
    * Tables of drugs with both trade and generic names, plus important dosing and safety information .
    * New medical illustrations created for this resource .
    * ICD-9 codes tagged for each relevant chapter for domestic and international reference .
    * Handy slim design and stain resistant covers.
    * Helpful appendices on medications, tumor staging, Amsterdam/Bethesda criteria, and incontinence scores


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