SURGERY Vascular Surgery: Cases, Questions and Commentaries

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    ISBN: 1852339632
    ISBN 13: 9781852339630
    Publisher: Springer
    Number of Pages: 498
    Publication Date: 2006-07-13


    Product Description:
    This updated and revised second edition of “Vascular Surgery: Cases, Questions and Commentaries” provides a thorough overview of the management principles of clinical cases in vascular surgery. It also summarizes all the relevant topics the vascular trainee is expected to be familiar with.
    With an international panel of contributors, this book familiarizes the reader quickly with day-to-day clinical practice. Case presentations are presented in question and answer format and have been widely referenced to reassure the reader that the contents are established best practice. Most cases are accompanied by 3–4 x-rays or color illustrations for visual clarity.
    This book serves as a teaching resource for vascular trainees or practitioners who are reviewing for the oral board exam or practitioners who wish to refresh their expertise with an interactive source of information. It also provides established practitioners the wherewithal to review the current standards of practice in vascular surgery.


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