SURGERY كتاب : Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery - A Comprehensive Guide with Illustrative Cases

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    Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery - A Comprehensive Guide with Illustrative Cases


    Author(s): Hrayr K. Shahinian
    Publisher: Humana Press
    Date : January 4, 2008
    Pages : 193
    Format : PDF
    OCR : Y
    Quality : Excellenet
    Language : English
    ISBN-10 : 1588298140
    ISBN-13 : 9781588298140

    From the reviews:

    "This multidisciplinary surgical atlas describes endoscopic approaches for selected skull base pathologies and provides a framework for applying these techniques by detailing important considerations such as room set-up, patient positioning, and instrument selection. … It is primarily written for experienced neurosurgeons, endoscopic sinus surgeons, and/or head and neck surgeons who seek to extend their capabilities at managing often-complicated pathologies with decreased morbidity." (Rakesh K Chandra, Doody’s Review Service, February, 2008)

    "The endoscopic approach is becoming increasingly popular and we in plastic surgery must keep in touch with what is happening. This book is coauthored by a neuroradiologist, an endocrinologist, an anesthesiologist, and an interventional neuroradiologist. … This in itself makes it an interesting publication. … For plastic surgeons involved in skull base surgery, this book is worth an investment for the library." (Ian Jackson, European Journal of Plastic Surgery, Vol. 31, 2008)

    Product Description
    To date, more than three thousand brain and skull base tumors, along with various vascular problems, have been treated by using advanced, fully endoscopic, minimally invasive surgical techniques. In Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, Dr. Hrayr K. Shahinian, director of the Skull Base Institute, compiles these techniques. Highly specific and amply illustrated by over six hundred color photographs complete with a compendium of the necessary surgical instruments, the step-by-step operating room procedures provide a definitive guide to the difficult yet essential art of skull base surgery.

    Comprehensive and concise, Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery is ideal for all surgical specialists and those training to become specialists who wish to gain a new tool in the noble, on-going cause of saving lives.




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