Emergency & Critical Care Emergency Ultrasound, 2nd Edition

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    Emergency Ultrasoun
    By O. John Ma, James R. Mateer, Michael Blaivas

    • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
    • Number Of Pages: 562
    • Publication Date: 2007-10-30
    • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 007147904X
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780071479042
    • Binding: Hardcover

    Product Description:

    The pioneering emergency ultrasound guide-updated and expanded with coverage of the newest technologies ,/p> Emergency Ultrasound is firmly established as the first state-of-the-art reference on the training, techniques, and diagnostic skills needed to perform successful ultrasound exams in the emergency department. Utilizing a templated chapter format, this trusted resource presents a wide range of detailed guidelines on performing ultrasound exams, case studies, and side-by-side comparisons of normal and abnormal scans.
    Emergency Ultrasound, Second Edition, is fully updated and expanded to include the latest uses of this crucial diagnostic tool, including Doppler Ultrasound for deep vein thrombosis. Taken together, this groundbreaking text is the one you'll rely on for every kind of diagnosis in the emergency setting, from soft tissue infections and peritonsillar abscess, to foreign bodies and lumbar puncture and arthrocentesis.
    • NEW! Chapters on ocular applications, prehospital applications, and ultrasound-guided procedures
    • NEW! Content that features the latest instruments
    • NEW! Numerous color Doppler images, plus hundreds of traditional black and white ultrasound images
    • NEW! DVD with videos showing the most current ultrasound procedures performed in real time
    • Coverage of ultrasound in trauma, cardiac, hepatobiliary, renal, testicular, and other applications
    • A templated chapter organization that consists of key points; introduction; clinical considerations and indications; anatomic considerations; technique; common abnormalities; pitfalls; case studies; references; and more
    • Focus on common findings and pitfalls in every clinical chapter
    • Case studies in each chapter

    Summary: A useful reference
    Rating: 4
    I purchased this book in order to establish an emergency ultrasound program for our Remote Site Medical Services company. The book does not assume any prior knowledge of ultrasound, and thus is a useful reference for our paramedics. It is heavily illustrated with actual ultrasound images for each condition. The focus is on US in trauma (our primary concern) or FAST- Focused Abdominal Survey for Trauma, but also includes various gynelogical and medical conditions which typically present to the ED. There are a couple of drawbacks: this is written as a typically dry medical textbook, and not as a handbook or study guide for a short US program, despite the blurb above. Thus, most of the illustrations are B&W, with most of the drawings that show the outline of the anatomical structures displayed in the US being just simple line drawing. I think more enlightening would have been actual cadaver anatomy photos (See NcMinn's Color Atlas of Human Anatomy) referenced, as well as MRI and CT scan images, to give the student a better grasp of how to correlate US images to actual anatomy.
    James Dawdy, CEP
    Promed Global Solutions, LLC

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