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البرنامج الهندسي WYSIWYG Release 10

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    ‏نوفمبر 3, 2004
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    البرنامج الهندسي WYSIWYG Release 10



    WYSIWYG… Creating perfect lighting without the lights!

    The WYSIWYG suite of software products, which was specifically designed for Lighting Professionals, offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of designers, assistants, electricians, console operators, teachers, and students.

    WYSIWYG is the essential tool for those looking to:
    increase creative freedom.
    save time.
    win more jobs.
    and cut costs.

    See what WYSIWYG can do for you! Click here to launch a product tour.

    The logic of the WYSIWYG suite of products is that any higher level product contains all of the features of a lower level product. Report, Design, and Perform are the core products with WYSIYWG Report offering basic CAD and paperwork solutions while WYSIWYG Perform is an end-to-end solution including CAD, paperwork, rendering, and pre-visualization.

    In less than one day of training, you can begin working with WYSIWYG. Let your creativity run loose; try different things. See your lighting design without actually installing any lights. You can even see what a new lighting fixture can do before you rent, buy or install it. Once your design is complete, WYSIWYG handles the logistics: plots, schedules, pipe-tapes, color and gobo lists are all automatically generated. WYSIWYG lets you become a sought after lighting professional

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