physiology Textbook Of Medical Physiology, 11th edition, 2005

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    Publisher: Saunders
    Number Of Pages: 1104
    Publication Date: 2005-09-01
    ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0721602401
    ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780721602400
    Binding: Hardcover

    Book Description:

    Physiology's classic text continues to uphold its rich traditionpresenting key physiology concepts in a remarkably clear and engaging manner. Guyton & Hall's Textbook of Medical Physiology covers all of the major systems in the human body, while emphasizing system interaction, homeostasis, and pathophysiology. This very readable, easy-to-follow, and thoroughly updated, 11th Edition features a new full-color layout, short chapters, clinical vignettes, and shaded summary tables that allow for easy comprehension of the material.

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    Summary: great all around service
    Rating: 5

    I purchased a medical book for my graduate school class. The book was used but still in pretty good condition as the post described. The price was a great deal in comparison with what the university is charging, and the fact that my funds are limited. Customer service was very helpful in answering my questions, and my book was promptly shipped the day after I ordered it even though it was during the busy holidays. I recommend Woody's Books definitely!!!

    Summary: Best physiology book
    Rating: 5

    In my opinion this is the best physiology book out there. If you are just starting physiology this is the book to get. It is very good at explaining things and the fact that it never assumes you know something in any chapter makes it repeat many of the basic stuff - it just enters your head.

    This is the best to learn as you go, to update your knowledge and to learn if you have time. However, the throughout descriptions and repetitions that make it so good, make it a bad book if you only have a few days to learn this. In that case I would recommend Ganong's.

    Summary: Medical Physiology
    Rating: 5

    Excellent & concise textbook. Reader friendly with information organized in educational ready information. Will be useful in securing information.
    Would recommend highly to other profesionals.

    Summary: Great book.....but
    Rating: 3

    I think Guyton's a good book, but the content is recitative. Its great for med students who do not plan to go into Internal medicine.
    A little superficial on neurology and Neurophysiology as well as Respiratory physiology.
    I loved it till I found Ganong's!

    Summary: Simply great
    Rating: 5

    This is probably the most venerated and widely used physiology textbook ever. I used an earlier edition of this book 30 years ago as a young neurobiology student, and I found it very readable despite the quite respectable level of technical difficulty. Guyton, unlike a lot of science and textbook writers, just knows how to write, and I say that as a former science writer and editor myself who edited 50 books in various fields. Medical students have used it to pass their boards, and doctoral students in physiology have used it for a comprehensive review, and I used it in my own graduate studies. My field being neurobiology, I was most interested in the chapter on that, but I also enjoyed the chapters on heart physiology and renal physiology, and immunology also. There are other books you an also read that are strong on various areas, such as Vander on nephrology, which I read also, but this one is still my hands down favorites. By the way, Darrel's great review has good suggestions on the other books to supplement your reading with.​

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