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استفسار Solutions-manual / instructor-slides to a Computer Science book

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    I hope this is the correct forum for Computer Science, a branch of Mathematics.

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Brothers, I have been needing the instructor guides for a long time for book No.2 in Computer Science.

    The author of these two book taught in the University of Emirates as on his website, but he is very suspicious and difficult ... so please do not contact him. His website is

    Two books:


    Theoretical Introduction to Programming | Bruce Ian Mills | Springer
    needed solutions manual ONLY (I do not have link to solutions manual).


    Link to slides is here, and you have to be instructor and prove some adoption and email and website to get the RED slides. I have the green slides already.

    General Resources
    • Slides
    Type Name Unlocked* Format Size
    SlidesPDF 450KB
    Slides Instructor Lecture Slides PDF 507KB <--------------- NEEDED

    Practical Formal Software Engineering
    Wanting the Software You Get

    • Author: , University of Western Australia, Perth
    • Date Published: January 2009


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