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برنامج: Oasys Safe v19.1.1.25

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    Oasys Safe

    Safe is easy to use and solves a wide range of geotechnical problems. This geotechnical finite element design software program uses an unstructured mesh generator with a clear graphical interface. So you can easily input simple or complex meshes – including tunnels and other structures.Features
    Analysis of plane stress, plane strain or axially symmetric problems. General loading of linear elastic axisymmetric structures can be carried out using a Fourier series technique.
    Linear or non-linear behaviour
    Gravity loading
    Pore pressures and effective stresses are identified separately, allowing computation for drained or undrained conditions, and time dependent consolidation
    Incremental loading and changes of material properties, permitting the formation of excavations, embankments etc.
    Intermediate results can be stored and inspected before the problem is continued further.
    Pressure (distributed) and line loading
    Fixed or spring restraints
    noded quadrilateral elements. These can be curvilinear
    Consolidation problems
    Seepage and flow
    Extensive graphical input options and in-built mesh generation facility
    Wide range of graphical output and printing facilities
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    47.2 ميجا
    متوافق مع Windows 64 bit

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