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طلب كتاب Harry' s cosmeticology

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    Martin M. Rieger, "Harry's Cosmeticology 8th Ed. Volume 1"
    2000 | ISBN-10: | 540 pages | PDFs | 55 MB

    Harry's Cosmeticology 8th Edition. Volume 1 of 2 Volumes In the completely updated version of this classic and indispensable reference source, you will find the latest developments in cosmetic chemistry and its industrial applications. Dr. Martin M. Rieger, together with an international team of experts in different fields, bring you, through a practical approach, the most recent advances in: - Physiologic considerations in the formulation of cosmetics - Formulation approaches - Regulatory requirements for the main world markets - Ingredients and manufacturing processes Now a 2 Volume Set This book, unlike others in the market, is about cometicology, i.e., it includes a very thorough section on the physiology of the skin, nails and hair, that most books leave out. The other chapters provide not only the background for the production of different products but provide with very valuable formulation approaches and formulas. The manufacture of cosmetics chapter is specially useful. There is very little in the market when it comes to industrial production and the scale up process and this chapter is very instructive. A remarkable work as one would expect Dr. Rieger to render with the contribution of more than thirty world experts in different fields. Given the approach of the book, this reference should be helpful not only to cosmetologists but to cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons and everybody in the cosmetic industry. This title has been replaced by 9780820603728 Harry's Cosmeticology 8th Edi

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