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[حصريا] Community Pharmacy Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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    كتاب مهم جدا للاخوة الصيادلة، وربما يكون هذه اول مرة يطرح في المنتديات

    Key Features

    • Covers all the most common conditions and gives evidence to back up over-the-counter (OTC) recommendations.
    • Puts the presenting symptoms into the primary-care context.
    • Suggests which questions to ask to narrow down the possible diagnoses.
    • Gives schematic summaries of how to arrive at a diagnosis.
    • Evidence-based boxes as a guide for OTC medication.
    • Practical prescribing summary tables.
    • Hints and tips boxes for product use.
    • Self-assessment sections.
    • Case studies at the end of chapters.
    • Colour images of important conditions.
    • Chapter on specific product requests.
    • Useful websites.

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