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كيمياء فيزيائية Physical Chemistry in Depth

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    Physical Chemistry in Depth

    "Physical Chemistry in Depth" is not a stand-alone text, but complements the text of any standard textbook on "Physical Chemistry" into depth having in mind to provide profound understanding of some of the topics presented in these textbooks. Standard textbooks in Physical Chemistry start with thermodynamics, deal with kinetics, structure of matter, etc. The "Physical Chemistry in Depth" follows this adjustment, but adds chapters that are treated traditionally in ordinary textbooks inadequately, e.g., general scaling laws, the graphlike structure of matter, and cross connections between the individual disciplines of Physical Chemistry. Admittedly, the text is loaded with some mathematics, which is a prerequisite to thoroughly understand the topics presented here. However, the mathematics needed is explained at a really low level so that no additional mathematical textbook is needed.


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