Fireworks_CS5 - Rapid_Prototyping_with_Jim_Babbage (2010)

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    Fireworks_CS5 - Rapid_Prototyping_with_Jim_Babbage (2010)

    Language: English | 5 hours | 960x540 | MOV | 15.00fps | AAC - 96Kbps | 436 MB
    Genre: eLearning​
    In Fireworks CS5: Rapid Prototyping, author Jim Babbage demonstrates how to create wireframes and prototypes for web sites, mobile devices, and rich internet applications. This course details the design process from start to finish, offering tutorials on creating custom wireframes, enhancing storyboards by adding graphics, creating custom swatch themes with the Kuler panel, adding interactivity to prototypes, exporting the final product, and testing mobile designs in Adobe's Device Central. Exercise files accompany the course.

    Topics include:

    * Planning and creating wireframes
    * Storyboarding
    * Creating multi-page mockups
    * Adding interactive calendars and pop-up windows
    * Embedding SWF files into an HTML prototype
    * Creating AIR prototypes with rollovers, events, and pages
    * Exporting to FXG 2.0
    * Integrating with Flash Catalyst
    * Creating customized mobile designs in Device Central
    * Testing a mobile project

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