Discovery_Science_Eco-Tech_Week (2001)

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    Discovery_Science_Eco-Tech_Week (2001)

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    8/20/07 – Future Fuels – In this episode, we’ll meet the chemists, engineers, and designers who are finding incredible new ways to power planes, trains, and automobiles – using cooking grease, plant stalks, algae, hydrogen, viruses, and sunshine ...

    8/21/07 - Zero Waste - In this hour we will dig deep into the most cutting-edge innovations in waste and recycling technology. Following waste from the landfill to the lab we will discover why waste is quickly becoming the hottest new trend in the scientific world.

    8/22/07 - Building Green - A new, "green" generation of builders, scientists, architects and designers are rethinking how we build. Their revolutionary approach to sustainable building environments and intelligent, eco-friendly architecture, is transforming the way we live.

    8/23/07 - Powering Up - Many experts say we are entering a new energy era: wind, geothermal, hydro -- you name it, if it moves and creates even a micro-joule of energy, we'll use it. In this hour, we'll meet the scientists and visionaries who are ushering in sustainable energy.

    8/24/07 - Extreme Weather - In this hour we'll tag along with researchers around the globe who are trying to predict the future of earth's weather, and we'll meet engineers and technological wizards who are coming up with ingenious ways to fight the disasters we could face.
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