Ara Dermarderosian, The Review of Natural Products

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    Ara Dermarderosian, "The Review of Natural Products: Formerly Lawrence Review of Natural Products Published by Facts and Comparisons" (4th edition)
    Facts and Comparisons | ISBN 1574392034 | 2004 Year | PDB | 2 Mb | 772 Pages
    The ongoing publication, The Review of Natural Products Monograph System, is the culmination of years of work by professionals interested in providing a continuous update on all natural products and nutraceuticals being used by the public for various health purposes.
    Formerly known as The Lawrence Review of Natural Products, The Review of Natural Products was one of the first and is still the only reference of its kind in medical literature. The editor, consulting editor, and advisory panel, have extensive experience in the field of natural product pharmacy and medicine. The Review of Natural Products includes more than 300 monographs published in a single volume loose-leaf format to facilitate monthly updates. Each monograph features scientific names, common names, botany or description of source, history, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, patient information, summary and references. The format provides pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals with a quick, up-to-date, objective assessment of the latest legitimate medical and scientific studies on numerous natural products, including medically active foods (nutraceuticals). Attempts are made throughout the reference to remain scientifically objective and place weight on legitimate chemical, pharmacological, and clinical studies in reputable journals or Websites.

    Other features include a list of natural product Websites, a list of herbal diuretics, a mushroom poisoning decision chart, a list of mushroom societies, national poison control centers, potential herb-drug interactions tables, and scientific and trade organizations related to natural products. There is a primary index (common and scientific names) as well as a comprehensive and useful therapeutic uses index.

    Caution is advised in using combination herbal products and single botanical products. The Review of Natural Products is intended to provide the reader with scientific data on both the benefits and the risks of various products.

    In summer 2004, The Review of Natural Products will be reissued. Each monograph will be reorganized into a new easy-to-scan format and will include a new quick-reference clinical overview box that includes uses, dosing pregnancy/lactation, drug-herb interaction, adverse reaction, and toxicology information.

    It is hoped that this up-to-date and complete reference will continue to be useful for all whom it is intended. We encourage suggestions and comments to help us improve The Review of Natural Products for future editions.


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