troubled friendships

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    How to Mend a Broken Friendship
    Growing up across the street from each other in Twin Falls, Idaho, Lisa Fry and Paula Turner never doubted wow power levelingtheir friendship would last forever. But after Fry married, moved to New York City and had a baby, her letters to Turner suddenly went unanswered. "Do you think I've somehow offended her?" Fry asked her husband.
    Turner, meanwhile, had convinced herself she was no longer important to Fry. "She's got a family now," she told wow power levelingherself. "We're just too different to be close like before."
    Finally, Fry summoned the courage to call her old friend. At first, the conversation was awkward, yet soon they both admitted that they missed each other. A month later, they got together and quickly fell WoW Goldinto their old habit of laughing and sharing confidences.
    "Thank goodness I finally WoW Goldtook action," Fry says. "We both realized we were as important to each other as ever."
    There are good reasons to cherish our friendships. Some years ago a public-opinion research firm, Roper Starch Worldwide,WoW Gold asked 2007 people to identify one or two things that said the most about themselves. Friends far outranked homes, jobs, clothes and cars.
    "A well-established friendship carries a long history of experience and interaction that defines who we are andWorld of warcraft Power Leveling keeps us connected," says Donald Pannen, executive officer of the Western Psychological Association. "It is a heritage we should protect."
    Ironically, says Brant R. Burleson, professor of communication at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., "the better world of warcraft goldfriends you are, the more likely you'll face conflicts." And the outcome can be precisely what you don't want--an end to the relationship.
    The good news is that mostwow gold troubled friendships can be mended.
    Here's what experts suggest:Swallow your pride. It wasn't easy, but that's what Denise Moreland of Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii did when

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